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Kearney Combat Sports – Round 2! The Good Life Small Business Podcast

As a small business owner, change is the only thing that remains the same.  No matter what stage of business, there are challenges and opportunities for growth.   That's why I was excited to check in with a previous guest to see how things have changed with his business. I first sat down for an interview with Richard Barajas, owner of Kearney Combat Sports, in January of 2022.   Since then, I have gotten to know him more and have been paying attention to his business.  I've seen how he has used social media to get the word out about his business and the different channels he is using to grow the KCS brand. We had a great conversation about the challenges of managing a growing business, what he is trying to get better at when it comes to being a leader, and what he still needs to work on as he works towards his ultimate vision for himself and Kearney Combat Sports. To find out more about Richard and Kearney Combat Sports, check them out on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and the Combat on the Couch Podcast. Don't forget to check out the GLSB Podcast YouTube page to watch previous interviews as well!
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