This Old House

When buying a home, it is imporant to look for certain things that could limit the options you have when it comes time to purchase insurance. Wood Shingles Altough they are less common here in Nebraska than asphalt shingles, there are still some homes that have wood shingles. Wood shingles can be very durable against [...]

Insurance and Divorce: Where To Start When You’re Starting Over

When starting over after a divorce, insurance isn't the first thing people think about. But it is important to know what you have in place, and what you may need in case you need to file a claim.

A Moment of Reflection…

February 1st is my agency anniversary, so this time of year always brings back a lot of memories, and even some of the anxiety I felt back then. I didn't share this post on social media back when I originally wrote it. I felt the need to be intentional this time around. Not for me, but in case it could help someone who could relate, or even give a little hope.